Panel Fabrication

Panels and placards are designed and manufactured completely IN-HOUSE from start to finish.
We manufacture aircraft panels, panel overlays, and custom placards to customize your panel exactly the way that you want it. All panels are manufactured using aviation quality aluminum and designed to fit exactly into your aircraft with the equipment that you want. Panels are powder coated and laser engraved in-house, with the color, lettering, and fonts that you choose.
The custom placards are 1/16" or 1/32" non-glare acrylic, and can be customized with any type of nomenclature that you want. It is all reverse engraved and inked behind the acrylic so the lettering never rubs off or becomes discolored! You can choose whatever color of acrylic and lettering you want!
The panels are precision cut exactly for the instrumentation that you choose, and the end result is a panel that is unique with your N number, your input, and your satisfaction. No more panels cut with jigsaws and hole saws. At Advantage Aviation, panels are designed using CAD software and machined precisely by a computer controlled CNC machine. Panels are then powder coated and laser engraved to complete the panel. Click on the pictures below to see the machining process.

No more wanting a new panel, and hoping it will look "factory installed" when it’s delivered. At Advantage Aviation, it will......GUARANTEED!   Click here to visit our Photo Gallery
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